Stitch Fix is like having your own personal stylist!  Imagine an entire warehouse filled with gorgeous clothes, accessories and shoes and imagine that there is a stylist handpicking items especially for you.  And not just any items, these are items that are based on your personal style and body type and pieces you have wanted to add to your wardrobe.  Best of all…….they are delivered to your front door.  

I was not a believer at first; I guess I should say I was very skeptical! But I completed the intake questionnaire and hoped for the best.  When my first boxed arrived I was amazed at the quality of the pieces.  My stylist has managed to figure out pretty quickly what my style is and has picked out a couple of items that I probably would not have chosen for myself but they have quickly become my staple wardrobe pieces!  I absolutely love when my box arrives…… is so much fun opening it and trying each and every item on!  I will start to share my “unboxing” soon so stay tuned!  Want your own stylist?  SIGN UP FOR YOUR PERSONAL STYLISTS TODAY!