My Top 10 Life Changing Goals- For a More Balanced, Healthy & Fulfilling Life

Why did I create a top 10 life changing goal list? A few months ago I started thinking about where I am in my life personally, professionally, physically and spiritually.  Then I thought about where I’d like to be in all of those same areas.  I realized that I have a ton of irons in the fire but I’m still feeling like I am not successful.  I am my worst critic so I decided I would write down a few bullet points on things that I feel good about and also write down the things that need some change or improvement.  This was my logical way of analyzing my life- it’s the sad truth!

Clearly identifying what is working and what isn’t was pretty difficult for me because I tend to think about everything forever, then I analyze again and again and finally I scrutinize my decisions.  The process became daunting and really got me nowhere. Once I just started writing things down from my heart and stopped thinking I finally made some headway!  After looking at that list over and over again I have finally identified what I’m going to change (or improve upon) starting now.  This is my top 10 life changing goals list:

  1- Live a balanced life

Balanced Life

I need to find the happy balance between work and home life.  Between my full time job, my business and my blog I feel like I don’t ever just shut down and disengage from working.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love all of those things and wouldn’t give up a single one of them but I need to identify the right balance for my personal and professional well-being.  Read more about my busy life: “I am Just Too Busy – or Am I?”

2-  Be kind to yourself

This is one of the hardest things for me and has been for the majority of my life.  If people could only hear what I say to myself inside my head!  I criticize most everything about myself- how I look, how I feel, how successful I am, my weight, my hair, my clothes……..well you get the idea.  I have promised myself that I am going to change my “self talk” to be more positive, forgiving and supportive!  This has been very hard but I’m working on it and that is improvement!

3- Take time for yourself

Time for You

Taking time to pamper yourself or treat your self is good for the soul.  I’ve definitely gotten better at this over time but I know I have a ton of work to do.  I always promise myself that I’m going to get a pedicure or massage or do something that is just for me and ultimately calms my soul.  While I’m good at telling myself to do this, my follow through is terrible!

4- Manage your stress

As I mentioned earlier I work full time, own a business and am a blogger so my stress levels can sometimes overwhelm me.  I’m known to bottle it up inside which is not good for anyone.  I am trying to release some of the stress by taking more breaks at work, connecting more with friends and trying to take more time for myself (see #1 and #3 above).   I believe a lot of these goals go hand and hand and will help in many areas.

5- Live a healthier lifestyle

We all say it or think it “I’m going to get healthy” or “I’m going to loose some weight” but somehow we manage to get back to our old habits and those goals go right out the window.  Well I’m really doing it this time.  I live with Fibromyalgia which causes me great pain, extreme exhaustion, cognitive dysfunction (also known as “fibro fog”), and hypersensitivity to sound and smells. After years of suffering I have finally made my mind up to try and “fix” my broken body.  Now I know that I can’t really fix this because there is no cure for Fibromyalgia but I can make changes to lesson the affects on my body.  I’ve already started on this goal by adopting a healthier lifestyle by incorporating better nutrition, physical activity and self care.  As I stated above, these all seem to go hand and hand.

6- Improve your financial health

This is such a difficult one- this is partly why I push myself so hard professionally.  As a wife my finances are shared with my spouse and we don’t seem to make many changes or strides to reaching this goal.  This one is going to take some time and that is going to require some sacrifices and some work but I’ll tackle it; improved financial health is also important to managing stress levels—#4 above.

7- Grow your business

So I know if I grow my business it could mean more stress (#4)  and less time for a balanced life (#1) but it could also impact my financial health (#6). So I am sure this one will be an interesting one that will require some juggling.  I’m not looking to grow my business to the point where I quit my full time job but I would like to have more viability, name recognition and possibly even get to the point where I need to hire an assistant to help with all of the work.

8- Improve blog

I’m still very new to blogging and I’m still learning a ton so this one will be a work in progress.  I added it to my list because I want to ensure I give it the attention it needs to reach more people.  I will need to do more research and implement some changes to get it to the caliber I want and to gain more followers.  Since I enjoy writing it I would love for more people to have the opportunity to see it.

9- Be more grateful

Let me just start by saying I am truly grateful for everything and everyone in my life. Really what this means is that I need to remind myself more often of the great things and people that I do have in my life (goes back to #2) and celebrate them.  There are so many people out there with a lot less so reminding myself of that is important.

10- Get organized

This one kind of makes me laugh because at one time in my life I had the most organized house and life but somehow after time, stress and raising a family that all disappeared.  I need to organize and purge my house…terribly.  I need to organize my office and catalog everything that I have to offer (goes back to #7).  Finally, I need to organize and capture all of my thoughts and ideas.  This will also take some time but I plan to tackle one thing at a time until I’ve completed it all!

I need to remind myself often not to be too hard on myself or  to criticize if I don’t accomplish these goals immediately.  These are life goals and aspirations that are meant to improve my life forever.  No quick fixes here!

There are many good reads out there on how to set goals to improve your life – it can be overwhelming sometimes if you are searching for suggestions.  Just set yours based on your personal life, aspirations and situation.  I did run across a great read when I was researching mine; it was a post on The Every Girl 20 Easy Things You Can Do To Improve Your Life“.

Good luck on your life goals; feel free to share some of yours below!

Remember to live your life with style, a touch of sweetness and a whole lot of sass!


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