Kate Spade’s Style ~Bold Color, Good Shoes and Stripes!

Kate Spade’s Design Philosophy

Kate Spade’s Style according to the Kate Spade blog; Kate’s clean, modern shapes, a nod to the classics, sophisticated use of color, and an element of surprise are the fundamental principles of the Kate Spade design philosophy.  Kate believes in bold color, good shoes, a pencil skirt and stripes; she also believes that accessories should bring color and texture to an everyday wardrobe based on each individual’s sense of style.

Hello Gorgeous by Uniquely Your Life, Style & Sass

These Kate Spade Inspired products from Uniquely Your Life, style & Sass will make any girl feel gorgeous!  I am obsessed with Kate Spade and everything that she stands for.  I honestly believe that she pretty much designs her line with me in mind, for instance the black and white polka-dots and stripes are my obsession! Kate’s classic style, bright colors, and fun pops of gold are truly a style any girl would love!  We all want to be fashionista’s, however sometimes our budgets are a little restricted so I created this collection for all of the beautiful and sassy girls out there!


Hello Gorgeous Tote Bag             


Polka Dot Make-up Bag       


Love Your Fabulous Self Mug


Hello Gorgeous Air Freshener                 

Good Morning Gorgeous Coffee Mug

Kate Spade’s Style

I believe that woman enjoy Kate Spade’s style because it makes them feel fun and flirty, for example the accessories and purses make a huge fashion statement and make a girl feel gorgeous.  Woman of all ages can feel great sporting Kate’s line, I mean who doesn’t want to look young, beautiful and bold?

Kate For the Home

I’ve recently been drawn to Kate Spade’s home line; like her fashion style, the home line is bold, sassy and of course stylish. You can say that her home line has class first but a close second is it’s whimsical flare.  Although my office is unusable at the moment, I would love to remodel it using Kate’s home office line.  My creativity is my outlet and lifeline.  With that in mind, Kate’s fun pops of color and black and white stripes would foster my creative juices.  First, I guess I need to clean out my home office space.  Second, I will design my creative environment with Kate’s line in mind.  Finally, I will use my new creative space to blog more for you!

Don’t forget to live your life with style, a touch of sweetness and a whole lot of sass!

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